Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. (1 Peter 4:10)

I would like to say “THANK YOU!” for your continued support and the call to serve you as your pastor for another five years. Our journey together has been interesting to say the least. I have been your part time pastor, your interim pastor, and your full time pastor, all within a period of five and a half years. I look forward to continuing my role as your full time pastor for the next five years beginning February 1, 2018.
Since the first call to be your full time pastor, I have been amazed at how willing everyone has been to step up and do the so many and varied jobs necessary to be an effective church. What we have accomplished in this short time has been significant. Together, from over 500 pairs of socks to providing meals for students in the neighbourhood, we have shown ourselves to be a church sensitive to the needs of those around us, as well as a caring and generous community happy to meet those needs.
We have opened our doors to an increasing number of groups and organizations that have shared many positive and appreciative comments about not only our building and our grounds, but also our welcoming and warm hospitality. We have hosted several events for the wider Lutheran community in London and the Thames Valley Ministerial. Last year, we had 122 Lutherans from Redeemer, St. Ansgar, and Trinity attending our non-picnic picnic on the July 1 weekend. We hosted the Lutheran Social Services (London) Annual Meeting and look forward to hosting their annual Meet and Greet next January. We are able to do this because of your active participation and support. No one alone could accomplish all that we have accomplished together.

I could go on and on, from our expanded library and Sunday School program, to clean ceiling fans and the new cupboard in the Wittenberg Room. A lot of good things have happened in a short time. But our work is not done. There are many needs and many challenges that will come our way. We are in a good position to meet those needs and challenges, but we cannot rest on all our past accomplishments. We have proven our commitment to doing God’s work, and now we need to remain focussed on our mission as we face the future together. As we begin the next chapter in our ministry, let us always remember that God walks with us. We never walk alone.


Pastor David