Welcome to St. Ansgar Lutheran Church … 
We, the people of St. Ansgar, are a worshipping, learning, witnessing and serving community of baptized persons among whom the Word is proclaimed and the Sacraments are administered according to the Gospel.


We invite you to join us for any of the following worship services:

10:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion (September through June)
10:30 a.m. Sunday School Sept. – May
10:00 a.m. Service of Holy Communion (July and August)



Now when the first came, they thought they would receive more; but each of them also received the usual daily wage. And when they received it, they grumbled against the landowner, saying, “These last only worked one hour, and you made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.”

(Matthew 20:10-12)

Our search for God is a lifetime journey. It does not come in an instant like a completed exercise. It does not come as an automatic reaction to keeping a prayer schedule. Prayer is not the immediate answer to the search for God. Prayer is only the promise that there is purpose to the quest. When we are ready, God will be there. But readiness for God is something to be developed.

Instinctively and timidly, we avoid any real encounter with God because we know it will change our lives. Yes, we go through the motions of seeking God. But we find it very hard to believe that God is God: all knowing, all merciful, all loving, and all patient.

Like the workers in the fields who came at the last hour, those of us who spend our lifetime growing into God will find at the very end the same God that others may come to know long before we do.

Augustine wrote, “Our God does not change. It is we who will change as time goes by. God is God always. And God is with us always. It is we who are so often somewhere else.”

Having sought and gone through all the ups and downs of life, God is still there waiting for us. When we are finally ready and willing to look, the love of God, still alive in us, still beckons us beyond the frills and fantasies of life to the meaning of what it means to be alive, to the basics of life itself.

It is being wise enough to pray for the grace of awareness of the presence of God that will eventually prepare us to see God’s presence in all the dimensions of life. Then we will not treat God as an answer to our problems. We will understand that God is more the Companion whose light within us leads us through those problems.

There is no such thing as coming too late to God. Clearly, we cannot lose God; we can only prepare ourselves to come to see the face of the eternal and ever immediate God in everything. How long will it take? What difference does it make? The God we find when we do find God will be the same God however long it takes, whenever it happens. It is the journey, not the end, that counts.

Pastor David